RLB-In-Texas Wrote:
Sep 13, 2012 11:56 PM
On a related issue -- i.e., Obama's comments regarding Egypt's staus as an ally (or not) . . . I heard Obama's actual remarks for the first time on the radio today. Considered in a vacumn, I tend to agree with him. Egypt is now a work in progress, albeit it one that appears to be progressing in the wrong direction. However, we aren't in a vacumn. Obama's vacillation over Egypt's status begs the bigger question - WHY IN THE HELL did you support the overthrow of President Mubarak, a decades long ally of the United States, without knowing with certainty that his successor was also going to be an ally of the United States? Seems like a pretty basic thought process - kind of like, do I or don't I increase security at our embassies on 9/11