Robert160 Wrote:
Sep 11, 2012 11:43 AM
Mr. Buchanan, never a friend of Israel, is making the assertion that Israel wants to force the U.S. into a war that is not in its the U.S. best interests-is that true, or is Mr. Buchanan once again allowing his anti-Israeli slip to be showing? I believe that if you check the archives of Mr. Buchanan's articles over the years relating to the Jewish State, you will see that it is overwhelmingly anti-Israel; and blames Israel for the instability in the Mid-East, and the U.S. invasions of Kuwait, Iraq, and Afghanistan. Mr. Buchanan is a very smart man, and often writes accurate and thought provoking articles, with the exception of his seemingly pathological dislike (hatred) of Israel and its every attempt to defend itself and its interests.