Ruth131 Wrote:
Sep 09, 2012 3:47 PM
"Fluke" was as bad as Kerry,Eva & Scarlett with their "messages" . Dumb,dumber,dumbest,& dumbest of ALL !!! IF each one of them understood that "if gov't was not in our personal lives" WE ALL would have the freedom to make our own choices !! Gov't has no business in our business PERIOD.,or ANY social issues...yet they "those 4 who think they are of the ELITE" who need to manage us little people or sheeple support a POTUS who voted for late term abortion & who would leave a fully grown child no medical treatment IF it survived an UTTERLY sick is that !! The bulk of the FOLLYWOOD bunch & media is what has DESTROYED "OUR" country. Americans are SMARTER than you think ,you may be able to "act" but you are clueless !!!!