Alice145 Wrote:
Sep 09, 2012 4:33 AM
Obamacare is the worst "war" of Obama's campaign to destroy the USA. He stole $7 billion from SS, Medicare and Medicaid to finance HIS decadent Obamacare. It's outright theft for any so-called president to finance their personal laws without representation. The law passed with the Supreme Court as a TAX leaving Congress to repeal it. They haven't done a thing and therefore the PEOPLE are not being represented by our so-called Congress. We can owe some of that to Harry Reid who is ALWAYS sending things back to the House without a vote. So here we are the PEOPLE and citzens of the USA being dictated to by a non-citizen illegal fraud who has stepped all over us and intends to keep his "wars' against America going by criminal voter fraud.