esampayan Wrote:
Sep 08, 2012 11:58 PM
Ladies and Gentlemen, it is time to be counted, the Democrat Convention was scripted like Hollywood, Pres. Obama is living in the Fantasy World and Bill Clinton is the Big Liar of the nite, we all know the body language and how he Bill cannot look with the straight face tell the Truth of how he feels, folks look at the body language again. Its time to get real when 25 millions of our brothers and sisters are unemployed and Barack is playing with people lives everyday, I am concern and we should be because the clown at the White House doesn t care, even Michele obama cannot lookl america in the eyes and tell the TRUTH ABOUT THE STATE OF THE UNION, ITS BAD, BUT WITH MITT ROMMNEY AND PAUL RYAN THERE IS HOPE REAL HOPE BECAUSE THEY STAN ON PRIN