Ohso2 Wrote:
Sep 07, 2012 11:13 AM
CHINO Nancy's Pelosi-Rat Pak has shown the world their ideal Feminist Future "A WORLD DEVOID OF MEN" - With the Tax subsidy for their annual Anti Male Hate Riot "Men told not to rain on parade Unity key to Dyke March / 50,000 expected at S.F. Dyke March 50,000 expected -- Men Not Advised" http://www.sfgate.com/politics/joegarofoli/article/Men-told-not-to-rain-on-parade-Unity-key-to-Dyke-2746314.php Jail For UC Davis Embezzler 6/6/11 davisvanguard UC Davis Campus Violence Prevention Program Head Jennifer Beeman was sentenced - 180 days in jail and five years probation felony - embezzlement - falsifying accounts - falsification of campus sexual assault statistics “significantly over-reported the number of forcible sex offenses