votedagainstcarter Wrote:
Sep 07, 2012 9:37 AM
Poor teachers! Average salary is $52,644 PLUS benefits! Don’t you just feel so sorry for the average teacher? They work a WHOPPING 9 MONTHS out of the year, and have an average salary of at least $52,644. A 3 MONTHS PAYED VACATION A YEAR. Must be nice This doesn’t include all the benefits they get at the expense of the TAXPAYER such as their pensions and health care. WHICH THEY DO NOT CONTRIBUTE TO AT ALL. YOU THE TAX PAYER PAY IT,... out of YOUR pay check. Which you work at for 12 MONTHS a year and MAYBE, you get a 2 week vacation. The graduation rate in public schools is 46 percent. The graduation rate for African-Americans in public schools is 34 percent. UNIONS SUCK. PERIOD.