debra280 Wrote:
Sep 07, 2012 7:17 AM
Ms Saunders, altho the jist of your article has the right 'content' ,your assertion that Romney's education was 'handed' to him is uncalled for envious. Michelle's early education (private high school, top of the line elementary, solid middle class parents without financial worries) was 'handed ' to her as well. Additionally, Romney's father came from nothing and, like most parents today (like the Obama's saving for THEIR childrens' education) saved for HIS children's education. Your comment "If someone else had handed the Obamas' college and law school educations to them, they'd be Mitt Romney. " is an insult to all of us who are that 'someone else', the PARENTS of the children we choose to give an education to through OUR hard work!