ivy16 Wrote:
Sep 06, 2012 9:53 PM
Someone is definitely afraid of the truth by calling names instead of counter with an argument. Civility please! As for that Tortoise thing, see link which will cause some more name callings, and may be a few heart attacks. http://polipundit.com/?p=36246 Carter, the incumbent, 63 : Reagan, the unelectable, 32 Sometime in Nov., Carter was buried under a 10-pt landslide. Unemployment at that time was 7.5. Of course, the Dems were preparing for the demise of the US post war dominance, like they are doing now for the "new normal" in which half of the college grads will stay in their parents' basements, the growth of "disability" claims exceeds the growth of jobs, the work force shrinks, unemployment rate hovers at 8%+.