boccepaul Wrote:
Sep 06, 2012 9:27 PM
I've got to thank Mayor Villarigosa for offering me a fresh insight into the actual emotional and political realities which occurred about 2000 years ago in Jerusalem. As Mayor V'gosa was standing before the assembly of loyal Democrats while doing his best Pontius Pilate impersonation, the rowdy crowd was shouting the Dem fight song, "give us Barrabas!". Despite the vast number of Barrabas fans roaring to keep God out of their platform, old Pontius Villarigosa was just wormy enough to squelch them. He looked like he might have soiled his toga during the ordeal, and I feel certain that he won't be as successful 4 years from now. The Dems' costumes are falling away and we're beginning to see them in their fully flowered glory. Yuck.