Paulus Textor Wrote:
Sep 06, 2012 8:30 PM
I agree with Towery that Romney faces an uphill battle in the only votes that count: electoral votes. (Full disclosure: I won't be voting for either Obama or Romney). I trust BOTH and Intrade; both show Obama winning. Here is the math facing Romney: Romney has 206 electoral votes either strongly or likely in his corner, but he needs 270 to win. If he SWEEPS Florida, Ohio, and Virginia--the three battleground states mentioned in the article--he still comes up short, with 266. He STILL has to win either NV, IA, WI, or MI to win. All SEVEN of the above states are rated as "barely" in Obama's corner (less than a 5 percent lead). It's doable, but if Romney loses FL, it's very difficult to see how he can win.