Truthisthis Wrote:
Sep 04, 2012 6:24 PM
Oh Ya, I just remembered something. When OPRA asked to join in, on MOOCHELE'S "lets eat right and get better deal" etc., (I don't have the right words here) MOOCHELE said "I don't want some FAT chick, (OPRA) waddling down the hallways of the WHITE HOUSE, while I'm doing "my show"!!!----Well, have you, or anyone else, heard a word coming from OPRA, in a long, long time????---NO,---AND THAT IS WHY!!!---MOOCHELE DIDN'T WANT "OPRA" TO UP-STAGE HER!---So, the moral here is, One B***K B***H against another, doesn't make for an aunt Jammy Love fest!!!----Makes me want to start crying & loose my lunch!!!