Mattieohmalley Wrote:
Sep 04, 2012 2:02 PM
So let us examine why Bowyer takes the flaming leftist radical view of immigration which is tantamount to genocide (which if you will remember is the intentional elimination in part or whole of a religion, race, or ethnic group by government with or without violence). The "conservative" movement (actually the leftist Rockefeller wing (e.g. Bill Buckley) of the GOP in conjunction with the influx of Democrats (Medved, Bennett, Jonah Goldberg, Kristol, etc.) during the Reagan era abandoned the immigration fight about 25 years ago. Since they have, and after they isolated and besmirched the true conservatives who were the tip of the spear of this fight (like Peter Brimelow, Sam Francis, Joe Sobran, and to some extent Pat Buchanan), the GOP