Maxine G Wrote:
Sep 04, 2012 9:58 AM
Excuse me! But the un-American “alien” (whose side you’re on) is none other than the illegitimate and anti-American usurper Barack Hussein Obama! This illegal alien and modern-day Haman (Book of Esther) presently occupying OUR White House is as hostile to OUR country America and all of America’s allies … but especially to Israel as you are! And like you, America’s real number one national security threat (i.e., Obama) is in direct opposition to the Lord Himself! He is both anti-Christian and anti-Israel! This Marxist-saboteur is also pro-jihadist pro-terrorist! And none of any of what he (or the likes of you) stands for is a good thing for America - or REAL Americans - in OUR country--the USA!