perdin Wrote:
Sep 04, 2012 6:42 AM
is Obama's response to being labeled a Socialist. Every single voter in America knows that Wall Street, corruption, big business is Obama's ruling house, not Communism ! Dueling accusations of Class warfare vs Comnsm has been a left/right battlefield for some time now. The problem Reps have always had with this issue is that "Party-Bosses" and "Machine-Politics" have long ruled the Dem party way before 1968. Obama's a Machine-Politician 1st, w/Comnst-ways, Everyone in America except the right-wing-media-consumers gets this. In the non-profitable Class Warfare vs Comnst fight Obama wins more points ! It's time for M-R, Reps, Cons, TP, to start running against the Real-MP-Dems with properly-focused-countervailing-political-strategies !