perdin Wrote:
Sep 04, 2012 6:42 AM
Mitt Romney needs to do the same as FDR did overcoming a major political issue ! FDR was from a very wealthy Roosevelt family but built his entire political-career on-PR-advocating for the common man. M-R has no such political history. If he goes after Obama's ties to Wall Street he's campaigning against himself. Dems know this, thus Reid, D-W-S aren't worried about telling the truth when it comes to class warfare. They know that class warfare isn't a credible playing field for M-R, rght-wng-media. D-W-S may be a liar, that just makes her a politician. But she also stayed on message, was even willing to go on Fox News, embarrass herself to do it. FDR, a Covert-Statist "campaigned as a "common-mans-Dem !" R Political Strategy Needed !