abeasley-legacyofsuccess Wrote:
Sep 04, 2012 4:02 AM
EVIDENCE of media bias re Medicare! Americans need to stop listening to the press - they are all democrats pulling for Obama. For 2 years - Ryan is pushing grandma over the cliff (because he SAVES Medicare). BUUUUT - Obama triples the cut Ryan proposed, and moves $$$ out of Medicare ... and he calls it "savings." And the puppet media calls it "savings! " Obama - You cut millions $$$ from hospitals and insurance cos - AND CLAIM NO SERVICES WILL BE CUT TO SENIORS? REALLY! On what planet is that realistic? But the puppet media calls it "savings" as Obama whittles away at current senior benefits. Look ta the lies Clinton gave us - and the media still repeat 15 years later: Look at the Job growth the day Clinton entered office vs.