germeten Wrote:
Sep 03, 2012 9:50 PM
We know Cheney was in his bunker staging a "simulation" of an attack that actually occurred. We know that a trillion dollars went missing from the Pentagon that year, We know Dove Zakheim owned a company that sold fly-by-wire equipment that fitted to the bottom of airplanes, made them missiles. We know that a Bush brother company held the security contract for not just the WTC complex but the airports where the airplanes took off from, we know that bomb-sniffing dogs were removed a week before 9/11, we know that bldg. 7 fell in it's own footprint approximately 5 in the afternoon on 9/11, and we have Larry Silverstein video admit that bldg was "pulled" or "We decided to pull it." ("Pull it" is industry- speak for a controlled demolition.)