Patti` Wrote:
Sep 03, 2012 1:31 PM
When dws opens her mouth all we hear is Blaaahhhh....Blaaahhh....Blaaaahhhh!!!! She's an annoying, nasty regurgitor of the socialist left, who pretends to know a whole lot about nothing!! Dws is a sad, hysterical, clueless, useful idiot for the socialist agenda, that's all she is!! When the dems lose and they will...she will be a has been political hack who will disappear into obscurity...that will be the wonderful outcome of getting rid of these jerks....we will no longer have to hear the irritating buzz of the ranting victimology and vitriolic screaming and freak outs these morons subject us to daily!! No more Pelosi, No more Reid and NO MORE OBAMA most of all!! I have a dream also, and it's the silenced crickets of the progressive dems!