OpenTheirEyes Wrote:
Sep 02, 2012 12:43 PM
@Jane346 - It is not a waste of space or a waste of time to point out that Debra Saunders is intentionally misrepresenting D'Souza's documentary. I was particularly offended that she would compare 2016 to Michael Moore's "Roger and Me." Moore's tripe concerning the regional negative economic impact of General Motors CEO Roger Smith's is nothing in comparison to D'Souza's well documented and research work. D'Souza presents his work as a theory and let's the audience decide. If Saunders could be so far off as to compare 2016 to "Roger and Me" then I would doubt that she saw "Roger and Me" or more likely she never went to 2016! I suspect the later given she is writing for the San Francisco Chronicle.