rightminded gal Wrote:
Sep 01, 2012 8:44 AM
I think the reason the lefties are up in arms about Clint's speech and trying to discredit him as some crazy drunk old man or something -- is because he said in so many words that Barack Obama is a ZERO. He didn't live up to his promises in any way, he is not a classy guy (thus the allusion to profanity) and all he cares about is HIMSELF - jetting arount in that 'gasguzzler' while the people have to have ecofriendly cars and regulations. Even Obama's 'counterpunch' on his website - of the back of his head sitting in his chair at the Oval Office with the message "this seat's taken" - came off as very arrogant and like a 3rd world dictator. Not for long Obama, not for long, we are voting you out and putting you out on your backside.