lcurlee Wrote:
Aug 31, 2012 2:21 PM
A Whole lotta cabbage spent for purely nothing other than a PRESIDENT OBAMA BASH SESSION... RNC, is that all you got? Hmm... I smell a backfire coming. Everyone has clearly gotten the message how bad you think President Obama has done......and how bad you hate him. Intelligent people got that message the day after the last election before he took office when you all vowed to oppose anything he tried to do. WE GOT THAT!! LOUD and CLEAR !! Romney-Ryan: What we wanted to hear is details of WHAT YOU plan to do different and better and details of HOW YOU are going to do it. Something other than undoing what President Obama did. We haven't been on a deserted island the last 4 years. We aren't so dumb that you ALL had to devo