SantaFeSteve Wrote:
Aug 31, 2012 7:02 AM
To me Chicago implies Mafia. I guess it could be considered an ethnic slur but not racial. It also implies Party control over government. That can apply to any race and any ethnic group. I find it strange that so many consider Hispanics to be a different race. When does a language define a race? Here in New Mexico we have Hispanics who are descended from the Spanish conquerors of Mayan Mexico. We have Mexicans. We have Central Americans. We have South Americans. We may even have a few Cubans. We may have some Puerto Ricans. And we have people who are directly from Spain. Is this a race? Is it even an ethnic group? Everyone in New Mexico enjoys New Mexican quisine. Are we all Hispanics. Some Gringos speak better Spanish than some Hispani