mchristensen Wrote:
Aug 30, 2012 11:40 AM
SHARPIE ID:>>>So! Early this morning I stopped by Walmart to grabbed a couple of things. There was a young mother, 25 or so, ahead of me in line. Obviously picking up a few forgotten school supplies..paper, pencils and 1 yellow Hi liter. When it was her turn, the WM associate asked her for her ID. Confused the young woman shook her head, looked at her items and asked what for? "The Sharpie" she said, "you have to have an ID for the Sharpie." I could not resist, "So, you need a ID to buy a Sharpie, but you don't need a ID to vote! Anyone see the irony in that?" What a wonderful conversation insued at that register as people unitedly expressed their frustration with government! Loved it!