AntiWacko Wrote:
Aug 28, 2012 11:51 PM
22-LIE (They are EMPLOYERS. Obama was protecting rights of all employees. Catholic Churches, per se, were exempted. Bishops tried to impose their religion on Americans.) 23-DISTORTION (GOP had already declared war on Hispanics, in Arizona & elsewhere. Obama was just spelling it out.) 24-LOGICAL FALLACY (Obama was right in general terms. Police over-reacted. So did Gates). 25-LIE (It wasn't DoJ, but 1 US Prosecutor & a rogue ATF agent. Obama stopped Issa's idiotic political witch hunt.) 26-LIE (Obama's deporting more illegals than Bush ever did, starting with felons. Obama's directive doesn't apply to "new" illegals or felons.) 27-LIE. 28-DISTORTION (Virtual fence never worked & was a multi-billion $ Bush boondoggle.)