Terry16 Wrote:
Aug 27, 2012 11:18 AM
I have tracked Todd Akin's voting record for 12 years now. He is an excellent Representative! He is no more of an idiot than President Obama who said he had been "to all 57 states"! Certainly Todd chose his words poorly. But, he apologized for it and immediately admitted he was wrong. But, the idea that the trauma & stress of a forcible rape could trigger a natural miscarriage is not beyond reason - IMO. In any case, I for one am not throwing Todd under the bus for one miscue. Todd is so much better that Claire McCaskill that it makes my head spin to see how everyone is trashing him! As a Missouri Voter I am voting for Todd no matter what ! - even if it means we get stuck with "Obama Rubber Stamp" McCaskill for 6 more years!