RtWgNt Wrote:
Aug 27, 2012 10:22 AM
Reince missed a golden opportunity to level this liberal hack. Unfortunately...again, another GOPer cowered at a liberal tongue lashing. Reince could've used Tom Brokaw against Chrissy, by just repeating over and over to Tom, "Is this what NBC news has come too?" Reince should've just called him a buffoon over and over as Chrissy kept ranting/raving. Instead Reince sat there looking terrified, and kept swallowing hoping RINO Joe or anyone would come to his defense. John Sununu would've ate Chrissy's lunch. I am SO sick and tired of wimpy GOPers who can't think on their feet and blast these morons when they pull this. Or here's a better idea...stay the off of MSNBC...why keep going on this asinine channel?