ocarol500 Wrote:
Aug 27, 2012 9:25 AM
The Holier-Than-Thou-GOP attitude is what will lose elections, not Todd Akins or the Sea of Galilee Swim Club --at the point of being redundant-- GIVE IT A REST. Don't tell me you or someone you know hasn't had his life destroyed by a woman who LIED about being raped or sexually molested. I HAVE and I know that it destroys people, it destroys families, it destroys futures. Disproving a lie is fruitless: When did YOU stop beating your spouse? Taking offense at Todd Akin's statements is offensive and Hate Speech as far as I'm concerned. It's conduct unbecoming a Conservative. It's a distraction and gives the Democrats fodder to attack Republicans. THIS THING HAS BEEN OVER-BLOWN. If the apology had been accepted, it would be OLD NEWS.