scottK Wrote:
Aug 27, 2012 9:25 AM
Oh, Star... not you too. You absolutely break my heart. This is SO NOT about abortion... or us wanting to talk about it. And this is SO NOT about Todd Akin... even though he thinks so. This is all about trying to save America as we know it. This is all about the future of your family... and mine. Because of what we stand for, there is and will always be a double standard. Please, get used to it. That is why we police our own. And that is why we can not elect hypocrites or incompetents. And to save America... we might just need that Senate seat. Obamacare, Supreme Court, the debt train-wreck... and so on. And Akin has essentially become un-electable. (now down 10%) Please, Star... this is not that complicated.