plainsense Wrote:
Aug 27, 2012 2:52 AM
Normally I like what you write, but this was very unfair to Aiken. A much wiser piece was written by Rachel Alexander. Aiken is a very decent man. Decent enough to try to understand before you distort him. Are you half as big a man as Aiken, and willing to apologize for going way too far in mischaracterizing Aikens "error". My esteem for a lot of "conservative pundits has really been lowered by their ganging up on one of the best people in congress, even to the point of demanding that he resign. With this new Aiken standard that you pundits have created, there won't be very many people left to run for office. Both Romney and Ryan supported the terribly misguided "Keynesian" bailouts. Shouldn't they have resigned a long time ago?