Libtardharvestor Wrote:
Aug 26, 2012 7:44 PM
As a man who fought for his country myself in the early years of Viet Nam ('67-'68), I need to ask you if you have been judged insane. That you decry the destruction of America by conservatives, such as myself, Is as ignorant and foolish as I have ever seen. First, you may well be a "moderate" republican. The RINO (or "moderates) members of that party are just as guilty of Americas dismal fall as the squatter-in-chief and his team are. You don't stand up for the country that was premere in the world, that went to bat for anyone wishing freedom, that fought for years to bring socialism, communism, and other foul people hating forms of gov't to heel. This country deserves better than a sunny day "patriot' than the likes of you.