wes174 Wrote:
Aug 26, 2012 5:57 PM
Just a quick comment on your labeling to this "daily" from a moderate Republican [I think I'm the only one remaining]. No one with eyes or taste would consider you "cute" as to "cuddly" , well every one to thier own.As to the remaining phrase ...I cannot see into your heart [ and am glad that I cannot ]..it would however be very safe to say that you represnt and serve a group whose soul and sole purpose is to destroy the country that I served and LOVE. E Plurbius unum or in your case divide and conquer all for the few...the oldest trick know to those who steal that phrase was replaced after 2oo years by In God We Trust If God is as Jesus said a God of Love ....what can you say about the return of HATE welcome the DEVIL