Linda2627 Wrote:
Aug 25, 2012 11:51 AM
Kudos, Mr. Elder, for a great article. It laid clear the thinking of the two very different factions: pro-abortion/pro-life. The pro-abortion side seem to rate WORDS (Rep. Akin) and ACTIONS (Ted Kennedy, Roberty Byrd, Bill Clinton) on the same level. And the FOUNDATION of the "party of death" (abortion) can NOT be infringed upon--even by words! Pro-life on the other side, views the "slaughter of the innocent" from the VICTIMS' side (the Left thinks there are only TWO sides in abortion, NOT three). To me this points out the view of morals (pro-life), or the lack there of (pro-abortion)--Sandra Flukes(?) comes to mind. I have a question: How does a Liberal woman know when she has been raped?