Linda2627 Wrote:
Aug 25, 2012 10:11 AM
The Left says STUPID, MEAN, INSANE, HATFUL things ALL the time but they are GIVEN a pass ALL the time. The "thing" in the WH believes in infantaside. Does this not bother anyone that the supposed "leader" of our country has this belief? The Left views most pregancies as an inconvenience, a burden, too expensive, etc. so I understand their "hatred" of babies, but to see the Right cave (kiss up and/or kiss a$$) to the demorats IS disgusting and sickening! Words seem to have more impact than actions (Ted Kenney-- murderer; Robert Byrd--KKK member; and Bill Clinton-- rapist and perjurer). Rep. Akin was looking from the baby's point of view--they pay the price (death) for other's ACTIONS.....that's it....nothing more.....period! Get a CLUE!