Exliberal Wrote:
Aug 24, 2012 11:29 AM
The most logical thing is to PLACE THE CHILD FOR ADOPTION. I've worked with quite a few women who did.They universally expressed a sense of healing, i.e.,"The rapist didn't win. Life won.The baby has life, a family has the baby, I have my life back, and I did a good, brave thing." That said, if I had a young daughter who was raped, traumatized, and hysterical at the thought of carrying a child to term, I might be tampted to help her get an abortion. I pray I--we--wouldn't. I would be haunted the rest of my life, and so, I believe, would she. Morally, I believe the child has as much right to life as any other. Pragmatically, the abortion exception may save lives by getting more pro-life laws past. Politically, Akin blew it big time