Mark Trail Wrote:
Aug 24, 2012 10:24 AM
The rape of 15 year old girls is being covered up and enabled by ObamaCare's "free" sterilization provision, and a bad choice of words by a Senate candidate is what we are discussing? Today, in Oregon, a 15 year old can get sterilized under ObamaCare without parental permission. Which means if daddy is raping little sister, mommy will never know. Incest/rape is just one of the many categories of "rape." It is NOT stranger/rape. It is NOT date-rape. It is NOT rape-to-check-the-box-at-Planned-Barrenhood. It is the rape that is in the same lower percentile range as stranger/rape. It is the rape that should have been compared to stranger rape every time the word "rape" comes up. It is Obama/Rape.