Musicman3 Wrote:
Aug 24, 2012 10:23 AM
David3036 wrote:"They should have that right regardless, and the Canadians and many other countries are way ahead of us in recognizing that." There are a lot more countries ahead of us in all the basic education subjects as well, What are we doing about that...throwing good money down a rabbit hole. For what so the Teacher's Union bosses can get richer. (I lower case "bosses" for a reason, you need not know about.) I do not care what other countries do where it pertains to their homosexual individuals, nor do I care what other people think about the subject. It is like the lib and the non believers always say to the Bible believers..DON'T BE SHOVING THAT S&*T DOWN MY THROUTH OR MY KIDS AND GRANDKIDS!!!! The same applies to up people.