benir Wrote:
Aug 23, 2012 2:53 PM
But it's politics, Chicago style thrown in whether you like it or not ! But they will fail because we are going to say: "Akin's the far-to-the-right-Pro-Life-type. Most R's lean Pro-Life, but not as far to the right as Akin does on this issue ! Akin's a decent man, but politicians must always watch what-how-they-say-it, and pay the price for it. The Dems will attempt to repeat their 1 of 3 favorite mantras, "The Republicans have-been-and-are "Waging-a-War-on-Women !" But their attempts will fail ! Because we tried our best to get Akin out, We defended and went to war for women and we'll continue to do so ! Let Akin deal with the politics, he chose to be a politician, let him get to it ! I've read that all 3 R-candidates are v-g !