benir Wrote:
Aug 23, 2012 2:53 PM
I believe this issue can stop being divisive soon ! Will be interesting to see if a write in candidate can get concensus. I'm over my get-out-Now-anger towards Akin. McCaskil's not a strong popular candidate, Brunner, Steelman, Akin are all very popular pro-US-Cons candidates, or I might be singing a different tune. We should all calm down about this, Akin's a decent family-man, mainstream bible belief, He's zealous on this 1 issue, more to the right than most R's. We all must make sure, no acrimony, bitterness, bickering, in MO, other States over this ! If we play it right, leave Dem-women alone, Libs-Dems can't-really-fully go after us on this. Gradually start going after O'bama's abysmal anti-Pro-Life, IL-State-US-Senate record !