benir Wrote:
Aug 23, 2012 2:52 PM
It's posible that Akin will get out if Sarah Palin, others start a statewide call for Steelman or Brunner. If-when Akin gets out of the race we will all then start to feel the sadness that he feels now, then ! He took for granted that because he's so right in his opinions on the issue that he could do no wrong. The problem is we don't hear enough about these issues from R-women only from Lib-Dems ! It's so basic, possibly right out of the bible, If a stranger-criminal, assualts-attacks-forces-himself on a woman, it's up to the woman, her family what will transpire regarding everything that's personal related to the incident. The police are called in to collect evidence, using it to substantiate the womans claim, get the criminal !