speedoSanta Wrote:
Aug 22, 2012 5:58 PM
If the Republicans are damaged in the election due to this incident, in will be because they revealed themselves to be like a group of prissy girls in a school yard running and screaming from a boy who bent down and picked up a snake. If they didn’t like what he said, or the way he put it, all they had to do was state that they disagree with him. Instead, led by Ann Coulter, they had a hysterical fit and turned into a lynch mob. We speak around 15,000 words per day. If Akin has been at it for sixty-odd years, he’s spoken about 350 million words. Wouldn’t it be worthwhile listening to a few more than the half-dozen or so that he clumsily used in an interview. Maybe check the record before the interview to see what exactly are his belie