cromero Wrote:
Aug 22, 2012 8:00 AM
so again it is take everything from the poor and feed the rich and then try to penalize us because we can not offord to pay for health ins, i am like alot odf other americans i have worked and raised 3 kids by struggling year to year just to keep a mroof over our heads i do not qualify for healthcare right now because of preexisting conditions, my children are grown and i,m not 65 but i work from home for a company that does want to pay a extra dime3 for the poor and then and again steal from them, i mmake 15,000 a year and out of that i am supposed to pay insurance or be fined but how many of you making the decisions can live all year off that (none) then you give me my paycheck uncle sam again puts his hand in my lil pot o gold(ha ha)and