Jimiey Wrote:
Aug 21, 2012 12:45 PM
That is all true, but the real issue is in the 2008 Presidential election the ballot boxes were stuffed in Ohio and Pennsylvania, giving B0 a 40 point electoral vote fake lead and convincing the later voting states to go with the winner and change their votes, so B0 may have picked up another 140 electoral votes. Now we have the issue of the Soros owned Spanish company that is supposed to count the Florida vote and the MiIitary vote. We also have Rasmussen, and Bloomberg making up fake poll numbers for B0 in favor of iIIegaI immigration, along with CNN also caught in fake polls, these companies are very bias, because they rely on advertisers for finances. So, the real issue appears to be voter fraud, and not reason not to vote for B0.