Mark4809 Wrote:
Aug 21, 2012 12:36 PM
Yeah! Obama is so proud of his grades, his travel history and his multiple SSN's that he has them buried behind millions of dollars worth of lawyers. If he is so bright then release his records. it's obvious the man is a , uh, uh , uh tool. The girly-man (ever see him throw, walk, bowl, or golf? Hee hee, how pathetic), as editor of the Review, NEVER wrote a review. He was absent, much like when he was Senator and voted "present" because he didn't have the guts to show his true colors. Like many Hahvad graduates, he is a disgusting combination of arrogance (I went to Harvard) and ignorance (still pushing failed marxist policy). Still , there are fools out there who believe the lies spewed by the MSM. Right Mstunson?