WillyBurg Wrote:
Aug 20, 2012 9:04 AM
Not content with having ruined NYC, Mike "the Little Emperor" Bloomberg now flits around the country imparting his wisdom to the benighted heartland. NYC -- Gotham on the Hudson -- is the nation's beacon with its cratered streets, bedbug infestations, subway flooding (when it rains), power outages (when it doesn't), intentionally-created traffic congestion, decrepit hospitals, and non-performing (warehouse) schools -- but hey, at least the population gets miles of (unused) bike lanes, and no trans-fats, salt or smoking for their sky-high taxes. Feh . . . no wonder people leave that city (and state) in droves . . . I've been gone for 18 months; believe me, I understand why the Little Emperor wants to leave -- even for a short time.