Alice145 Wrote:
Aug 20, 2012 4:47 AM
Exactly. His interruption on the tube with his campaign messages is childlike. You never expect it and sometimes it seems like the voice is not his. It's too calm not like him at all. Dubbed in?? What is it with his hiding, apparently even his voice now?? How many others have watched it long enough to catch the substitutes message??? It's all part of his lying and spying on we the PEOPLE. Spied on by the so-called president of the USA. . Unbelievable??? His stooges on the net and the phonelines sneaking into our privacy. He gets more like Hitler every day. Someone sent me a few pictures of him in the White House with his foot on an antique desk. He ives there and abuses the surroundings that belong to the PEOPLE of the USA.. Pitiful.