Leonard C.2 Wrote:
Aug 19, 2012 6:00 PM
Peace be with You Pinenee. First, if you taxed ALL the rich ( > 250,000) at 100%, you get enough money to run the USA for a 2-3 months at most. So that is not the problem, not the solution, and not the moral wrong. Secondly, most rich people earned it even if they did get a break. Old saying " I find my luck is much better when I work hard". Your anger at white people is interesting since Mr.Payne is not, and is rich, and sooo many other non-whites are also rich ( and run for President -Mr. Cain) that it is not a fluke. Your anger saddens me. I wish you had the happiness and peace that comes from believing in God and understanding the "Sermon on the Mount" ( blessed are they who hunger for they shall be satisfied...). God Judges all men.