Didactus Wrote:
Aug 19, 2012 2:20 PM
See what an anathema the illegal IRS is? It was created in the dark of night at Jeckyl Island by men who owned 1/6 of the world who then got the 16th Amendment proposed and used their lackey Philander Knox to "declare" it passed. Bill Benson went to every state that was in the union at that time and got certified government documents the whole of which PROVED that 3/4 of the states did NOT ratify it. When the court was presented with the evidence they "banned" it. TYRANNY! TREASON! The IRS is being used as our GESTAPO! The Constitution clear forbids a DIRECT tax on its citizens. Our present tax system and any flat tax is a direct tax and therefore unconstitutional. The court is as guilty as Philander. This issue must be addressed again!