Kjell Magne Wrote:
Aug 17, 2012 7:46 AM
Im getting old, one year at a time. But my memory isnt. And if Im not mistaken sex was very much on my mind when I was a teenager. Yes, the urges pumped through our slim teenage bodies constantly - both in boys and girls. For my friends and classmates. Sex was also the topic of so many conversations. Like it or not: teenagers are very sexual persons in an age when their sexuality is stronger than ever. Movies or no movies. As adults and parents we prefere to think it isnt so - but yes: its so! Just because we are getting older, our urges a little less powerfull and our bodies bulkier doesnt mean that teenagers have to endure the same. I wish I was slim, athletic, horny and 19 again! Let teenagers be teenagers and let them have their movies.