PresidentDon Wrote:
Aug 15, 2012 1:07 AM
Thats like saying, if you withdraw money from your savings account, you should pay taxes on it. We have already paid taxes on this money as we invested in SS. IF we could deduct every penny we've put in first, and only pay taxes on returns that exceed our investment. With the 60% of the population that does not live to 62, where is the investment for them? When the average citizen was paying 10% income taxes, and with employer contribution "15%" that is the SS scam. But our government has been bankrupt since 1920. The Federal Reserve was the cover for this fraud. INCOME TAXES are not legal. the 16th amendment was never passed, the Supreme Court said in 1920 the 16th did not give Congress ANY NEW taxation rights. Filing a 1040 is Voluntary!